Pregnancy Progression: Month 1, weeks 1-4, Complete (:
I’m getting very little sleep at night
I’m exhausted all day every day, however, I cannot take a nap for the life of me
I have thrown up stomach acid twice
One day, I will have no appetite at all and barely eat a thing and then the next day, I will eat everything in the pantry
I have not started bloating
I have not started cramping
My boobs have become sensitive
I’m becoming more clingy towards my husband
My sex drive has gone down due to exhaustion
I’m sensitive to smells that used to not bother me. Example: Foods that my husband make for dinner drive my sense of smell insane when I used to barely notice them.
I’m currently in the middle of week 5 if I have calculated everything correctly. My first doctor’s appointment is in 17 days and that is when I’ll get an “accurate” estimated due date and my first ultrasound (:
Continuing to hope and stay positive that everything continues to go smoothly ♡

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