The Tooth Fairy

One day, a little girl was sitting at the dinner table, when she realized that her first tooth came out.  She jumped up and down and was so excited!  Her parents told her to keep it safe and that tonight she should put it under her pillow, so that the tooth fairy could come give her a dollar for it.  She went to bed extra early that night and placed her tooth very neatly and carefully underneath her pillow.  In the morning, she woke up instantly and threw her pillow across the room to reveal a dollar.  The dollar was not plain though.  It had written on it the word, “Believe. Love, the Tooth Fairy.”  She was ecstatic and decided she wanted to buy something with it that day.  Her parents were so happy to see their little girl so in love with the idea of the tooth fairy.  They forgot what it was like to be so young and innocent and decided to try and look at life through her perspective.  Her dad took her to a gas station and she decided to buy a pack of gum.  It was her first purchase with her own money and it definitely made her feel like a big girl to reach over the counter and give the tall gas station clerk her $1.00 bill and buy that pack of gum.  She skipped out with her dad and felt just that much cooler.  The man who sold the gum looked at the dollar bill and saw the words written on it.  All he could think of was his own daughter.  How he worked so hard for her and his family so that they could get by each day in the dwindling economy.  He wished he was able to give his sweet daughter more in her life, but he hoped one day she would understand how hard he worked.  He decided that when she lost her first tooth, he would give her a dollar and write the same words on that dollar bill he was looking at.  A few minutes later, the gas station clerk was minding his own business, when a man with a gun entered the store and told him to put all of the money in the cash register into his bag.  The man reluctantly did as he asked as he only thought of his family.  They needed him.  What would happen if something happened to him?  They probably would not survive.  As he gave the man with the gun the money, he saw that special dollar bill and decided that if he made it home that night he would hug his daughter a little tighter and not let her go.  The man with the gun ran out of the store and the gas station clerk left to be with his family, feeling so lucky to live the life he had.  The man with the gun was going through the money, when he saw the special dollar.  It made him think of his daughter, who was taken away from him by her mother.  He missed her and lived a life of crime to fill the void of being so alone.  He was walking along the street when he noticed a man on the street begging for food.  He looked at the special dollar and decided to do a good deed in honor of his daughter.  He gave the dollar to the poor man, who looked up at him and said God bless you son for your act of kindness.  The thief left a little happier than he was and decided to change his life for the better, to be a better father for his little girl.  The poor man eventually saved up enough money to buy something.  He had the choice of alcohol or food.  When looking at the dollar that the thief gave to him he noticed the words.  It made him smile to think of a little girl so excited over losing a tooth.  He looked back on his life and remember being a little boy and losing his first tooth.  This made him turn away from the alcohol and buy food for himself.  The woman, who was taking the money from the poor man saw the dollar.  And suddenly remembered that she had to put money under her son’s pillow that night because he also lost his tooth.  She only had $2.00 that she usually used for the bus, but decided to walk home instead and use that money for her son.  While giving someone change back at the register, she gave a businessman the special dollar.  He was too busy to even look at the dollar when the woman gave it to him.  He had a 10-minute lunch break and then he had to get right back to work.  He ran back to his office and starting working through the night while also eating his lunch/dinner.  While he did this, his family waited at home for him like they did every night.  He was the type of man to put his work over his family.  It was late at night when he finished his work and decided to head to a bar instead of going home.  When he went to buy a beer he looked through his wallet for money and finally saw the dollar bill he ignored earlier.  He stared at it for a little and remembered the time his daughter lost her first tooth and he didn’t even care.  He ruined the tooth fairy for her and told her it wasn’t real.  This gave him a wake up call and made him realize that his family was the most important thing to him.  He rushed home and told his family he would cut back on the hours at work to be a better father.  When his wife asked why the sudden change, he gave her the dollar bill and told her what he was thinking.  She kept it as a reminder of how much her husband changed for the better and changed their family.

By: Alexa Johnson 4/22/14

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Pregnancy Progression: Month 1, weeks 1-4, Complete (:
I’m getting very little sleep at night
I’m exhausted all day every day, however, I cannot take a nap for the life of me
I have thrown up stomach acid twice
One day, I will have no appetite at all and barely eat a thing and then the next day, I will eat everything in the pantry
I have not started bloating
I have not started cramping
My boobs have become sensitive
I’m becoming more clingy towards my husband
My sex drive has gone down due to exhaustion
I’m sensitive to smells that used to not bother me. Example: Foods that my husband make for dinner drive my sense of smell insane when I used to barely notice them.
I’m currently in the middle of week 5 if I have calculated everything correctly. My first doctor’s appointment is in 17 days and that is when I’ll get an “accurate” estimated due date and my first ultrasound (:
Continuing to hope and stay positive that everything continues to go smoothly ♡

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