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Navy SEAL Chris Heben was shot in the stomach in a parking lot at 5 PM yesterday by “3 gangbangers” according to his Facebook. He put a finger in the bullet hole and chased them to get a vehicle description, then drove himself to the hospital. I know this will not receive any attention from the media, so I just wanted to share it with you all. Every time I see a story like this my heart breaks for this Warrior and family. Whether at home or deployed, so many of them react in incredible ways to situations that most people can’t even imagine. Thank a veteran for their sacrifices every chance you get. Get well soon Sir! 337 notes // reblog

Cutest thing ever(:
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My absolute super hero❤️
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hey there :)

I haven’t really posted in awhile about what has been going on, but that is just because I have been crazy busy!

School has been hectic.  I decided to change my major, which was a really hard decision, but I am ultimately happy with it and I think it will be a really positive change for me :)

Randy and I have been amazing <3 Of course, I miss him so much.  But only a little bit more time until I get to see him again!  There is some potentially AMAZING FANTASTIC news that I don’t want to share yet because I feel like I will jinx it lol, but I promise as soon as I know if it is for sure or not I will definitely be posting it on tumblr.

Until then, we are just getting excited about spending more time together soon :)  Message me whenever because I love getting to know new people <3 Love all of you!

xoxo Alexa

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